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Decking the Halls

It’s hard to believe another year has flown by, but here we are. With turkey leftovers in the fridge, it’s time to turn our attention to decorating Chester inside and out in a holiday style that befits this grand old house. Each year, the act of hanging wreaths and roping and adorning the entrances has such a feeling of tradition … and makes us think about past generations who were preparing Chester for the holidays in the mid-1800s.

We don’t normally adorn our gardening tools with wreaths, but they make a wonderful staging place for our preparations! As an arboretum property, we have lots of natural materials at our fingertips to create some beautiful things.

We just picked our bay laurel and wove gorgeous and fragrant wreaths that will last all winter long (and provide some wonderful seasoning for stews in this cold weather!). Chester is home to a majestic stand of English boxwood, which is sought after by the florist industry this time of year. You might not know that this greenery is rather rare; it only grows an inch or two a hear. A floral wholesaler comes each year and prunes the stands for us in exchange for the trimmings.

The nine-foot Frasier Fir is also staged in the garage, and will soon grace the living room. As a newly certified member of the National Wildlife Federation, we’re excited to send in a photo once our tree is decorated! With over 35 natural nests collected from as close as our backyard and as far as Africa, and 150 bird ornaments, we’re willing to bet you’ve never seen a Christmas tree like this one.

Chester is open, the fires are roaring, and we’re in the holiday spirit. Come and enjoy a toasty and warm stay with us!

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Cider Week Virginia

This is an exciting week in Virginia, because it’s Cider Week! That means lots of delicious local food, music, and of course – CIDER! Events and activities span across the state this week, allowing everyone to enjoy Virginia’s best in food and drink  in the beauty of  cool, green landscapes draped in the rich russet of lingering oak leaves. Entertainment and music follow, and Cider Week is further highlighted by activities that allow you to learn everything about cider – What are the best cider apples? How do you make your own cider? If you are serious about Cider, this is the week to be in Virginia!

It is absolutely delightful to follow a fun afternoon in the crisp air with a warming glass of wine by the fireplace at Chester! Our own old oak tree is stunning as it drops its last leaves, and the inn is a cozy home base while you explore the many offerings of the season. Find out more about Cider Week and all the activities you can be a part of right here in the Charlottesville area – click here.

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The Virginia Film Festival 2013

Paramount TheaterIt’s not too early to book your room for Virginia Film Festival weekend! The festival runs November 7-10 at locations in and around Charlottesville!

The Virginia Film Festival is a four-day celebration of the magic of the movies featuring first-run features and timeless classics, high-profile industry insiders and up-and-coming stars, and filmmakers from throughout Virginia and beyond.  Every autumn at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, the Virginia Film Festival has brought the best in contemporary and classic cinema to its audiences for nearly twenty-five years.  An array of leading cultural experts lead fascinating lectures and discussions, providing unique insight into not only the world of film, but the world in which we live. A collection of special events throughout the weekend invites the entire community to dive into the art of film in exciting new ways.

Previous landmark screenings have included a 25th Anniversary tribute to In the Heat of the Night and Sidney Poitier; Distinguished Filmmaker presentations to Robert Altman, John Sayles, Emile de Antonio, and Arthur Penn; and Roger Ebert’s “shot by shot” workshops on classics such as Vertigo, Sunset Boulevard, and The Third Man. Memorable premiere events have included an advance screening of Mother & Child with actress Cherry Jones and director Rodrigo Garcia; and a live producer’s commentary of the show True Blood featuring its creator Alan Ball. Other guests have included Jimmy Stewart, Vanessa Redgrave, Anthony Hopkins, Sandra Bullock, Nicolas Cage, Gena Rowlands, Sigourney Weaver, William Styron, Ross McElwee, Matthew Broderick, and Cherry Jones.

Working closely with the Virginia Film Office, the Virginia Film Festival brings filmmakers from throughout the United States and abroad to Virginia to take advantage of its outstanding locations, communications, and talent. Filmmakers find the Virginia Film Festival a rare opportunity to screen and discuss their work with not only industry members and colleagues but also bright, appreciative audiences. The Festival also brings many visitors to Charlottesville, allowing them to discover the beauty of the area while learning about film.

Learn more at

Mention the festival when booking for the weekend and we’ll have a complimentary bottle of wine in your room when you arrive!

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Local Author Holds Book Signing at Chester

Scottsville is home to artists of all kinds–from photographers and painters to musicians and authors. Earlier this month, Chester Bed & Breakfast and The James River Arts Council hosted local author Kathryne Finn as she launched her first novel, And Tomorrow is a Hawk, the first in a trilogy about Dame Juliana Berners.

Kathryne’s interest in Dame Juliana was piqued when she edited Ernest Schweibert’s two volume classic Trout and learned about this English noblewoman, whom trout fishermen everywhere know and respect. Dame Juliana was the first person to write about fly fishing, as well as the first woman to publish under her name in the English language.  In addition to the treatise on fly fishing, this 15th century author wrote on hawking, hunting and heraldry. 

However, little was known about Dame Juliana and Kathryne set out to learn more. This first book of the trilogy is the result of her exploration of the life and times of this amazing fifteenth century woman.

Kathryne has written and published poetry and short stories and was an editor for Crown, McMilan and St. Martins presses. This is her first novel She and her husband John live with a relatively rational contingent of dogs in Howardsville, Virginia.

We are particularly fond of Kathryne here at Chester, as she and her husband lived in the cottage on the grounds for several months while their home was being completed. Her passion for history, creativity, and finding delight in ordinary things certainly rubbed off on all of us. Having read the book for ourselves, we find ourselves incredibly impressed by her writing as well, and are busy cheering her on as book two comes to fruition! To learn more about the book, visit here.

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Summer Fun!

Summer is an amazing time in Charlottesville! There are so many things to do, and so many restaurants featuring fresh, seasonal dishes and ingredients from local farms. Virginia is so wonderful an unique, and at Chester Bed and Breakfast, you have a home base for whatever you want to do. Visit our Plan Your Stay page to learn about all the great things you can do this summer!

Charlottesville Entertainment

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Springtree Farms

We were lucky enough to receive pictures of the Springtree Farms chickens greeting the warmer weather! Springtree Farms is a local commune and they provide all the eggs we serve our guests, making it easy to look forward to the “Breakfast” part of Bed and Breakfast! Come visit us and taste these amazing eggs! Check out more pictures on our Facebook page!

Springtree FarmsSpringtree Farms

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Welcome Back, Cafe Bocce!

We are thrilled that Cafe Bocce and owner/chef Chris Long (once fixtures in Scottsville) are back in business in Charlottesville. From Chris’ signature mushroom ravioli and fettuccine Carbonara to fresh seafood and rack of lamb, the choices are sure to please a variety of tastes. The innovative menu, wine list and romantic atmosphere make Cafe Bocce the perfect place to enjoy a fabulous meal.

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Beauty Treatment!

Our venerable oak and several other trees are ready for some trimming before their long winter nap. These “beauty treatments” will make our gardens even more lovely when spring arrives, and allow us to enjoy the beauty of snow-covered branches without worrying over the winter. Chester is the perfect setting to enjoy beautiful and mild Virginia winters – join us for a visit!

Tree Trimming at Chester Bed and Breakfast Tree Trimming at Chester Bed and Breakfast

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Plow and Hearth Photo Shoot at Chester!

Plow and Hearth LogoChester Bed and Breakfast rolled out the red carpet and displayed our holiday hospitality to welcome Plow and Hearth for their catalog photo shoot. They were drawn to Chester by our porches – particularly the floors – and also by the gardens and walkways. The shot took a full day, and thanks to a very respectful crew, our property was well-cared for in the process. Swings were hung in improbable places, and garden items were photographed throughout the gardens. Our white oak tree was highly praised!

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Eighteen Years of Chester

John and Carolyn Sangston

John and Carolyn Sangston

John and Carolyn Sangston have been coming to Chester eighteen years this week! They are obviously Virginia fans, and Jean and I are fans of theirs. We are so glad they are part of our “family” here at our Virginia bed and breakfast.

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