Chester Inn

Chester Inn – 1900 to Present Day

In the late 1800s and 1900s, Chester went through numerous remodels and renovations, bringing it closer and closer to the beautiful home it is today!

Chester Inn Bed and Breakfast in Scottsville

In 1880, the first indoor plumbing came to Chester as the north addition was built on the first floor. We do not know the location of the original outhouse, but are sure that this was a welcome change. In 1900, a caretaker’s cottage was built next door and remains to this day. In 1910, closets were added. Prior to this time, trunks and armoires would have been used to store clothing. In 1915, a second floor was built on top of the 1880 addition. During the 1920s, a small basement was dug, presumably for food storage.

Chester Inn in Scottsville

In the 1930s, four porches were added on the north, south, east, and west sides of the house, adding fluted Doric columns and Greek Revival balustrades to the west façade and Tuscan columns to the north and south ends of the house. These additions brought an elegance that had not existed before. A total of eight woodburning chimneys were also installed over the years, all of which are still working today.

Water was originally supplied by a well underneath the shady, screened east porch. This well has been capped for some time now, and Chester uses water for city sources and a well in the front yard. There are likely many archaeological treasures and clues to be found in the original well. Hot water was brought to the house by great-grandparents of current Scottsville residents. Many clues as to the evolution of Chester are found during renovations, when you can see names, and dates signed onto the beams and infrastructure of the house.

In 1954, Harold and Ruby Parr purchased the house, and in turn, sold it to Gordon Anderson and Dick Schaffer in 1985. After an extensive kitchen renovation and refurbishing of the house, it was opened for the first time as a bed & breakfast. In 1995, Anderson and Schaffer sold the property and the business to us, and we’ve been here ever since.

As the current caretakers of this amazing piece of history, we have lovingly maintained its grace and elegance, while adding our own touches, including an expansion of the east back porch, where we enjoy birdwatching and morning coffee, and the addition of an ornamental fish pond and patio off of the north porch. The house was fully renovated in 1995 to ensure that each of our rooms were modernized and had private baths, and we reopened for business in 1996. Over the last 26 years, we have witnessed so many occasions in this home—from graduations, reunions and weddings to memorials, company dinners, and romantic retreats.

historic holly tree at Chester Inn in ScottsvilleThe grounds still house most of the original plant specimens from the 1800s. The oak tree in the front yard—one of the largest in the state—predates the home itself. Chester is home to the second largest holly tree on record in the state. Our beautiful white pine held the state record for largest tree until it came down several years ago. In its honor, we had the tree milled into lumber and replanked the kitchen floor with it, so it remains with us—just in a different way.

Despite its colorful history, we have never seen any ghosts at Chester, so we invite you to come and visit without trepidation. Simply enjoy the many details and beauty that make this one of the grandest homes and properties in central Virginia.

Everyone who has visited Chester has left their imprint on its history, and it is our hope that Chester has left an imprint on them as well. We hope that you will join us in continuing to make history here.Chester Bed and Breakfast near Charlottesville