Chester Inn

Cider Week Virginia

This is an exciting week in Virginia, because it’s Cider Week! That means lots of delicious local food, music, and of course – CIDER! Events and activities span across the state this week, allowing everyone to enjoy Virginia’s best in food and drink  in the beauty of  cool, green landscapes draped in the rich russet of lingering oak leaves. Entertainment and music follow, and Cider Week is further highlighted by activities that allow you to learn everything about cider – What are the best cider apples? How do you make your own cider? If you are serious about Cider, this is the week to be in Virginia!

It is absolutely delightful to follow a fun afternoon in the crisp air with a warming glass of wine by the fireplace at Chester! Our own old oak tree is stunning as it drops its last leaves, and the inn is a cozy home base while you explore the many offerings of the season. Find out more about Cider Week and all the activities you can be a part of right here in the Charlottesville area – click here.

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