Chester Inn

Enjoy fall at the Falls – a lovely day trip from Chester

Crabtree FallsThe arrival of fall in Virginia has always been marked by that unique combination of the warm late summer sun, the slightest bit of crispness in the evening air, and the magical hues that the fields and mountains take on as the season changes.

One of our favorite day trips from the inn is to head over to nearby Nelson County. Whether you enjoy antiquing, apple picking, beer tasting, or taking in some breathtaking views, this is the perfect place to do it.

We particularly enjoy the visit to Crabtree Falls (with varying degrees of hiking levels as well as access from a nearby parking lot). It is noted as one of the most beautiful falls in the United States, and is the largest vertical falls in the United States east of the Mississippi.

You can take a picnic lunch and make a day of the outdoor beauty. Or you can explore some of the nearby culinary offerings. Basic Necessities is a fabulous French-inspired cafe, as well as a gourmet wine and food store. Lunch in their quaint and peaceful dining room is always a delicious experience. If pub fare is more your style, try one of the many breweries in the area. One of our favorites is Wild Wolf Brewery–both for its beer tastings and its food. You also can’t go wrong at Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company at the foot of Wintergreen Mountain.

Join us for the weekend (or even a mid-week getaway) and find out for yourself!