Chester Inn

“Home” for the Holidays

Welcoming the holiday seasonThere’s something about coming “home” for the holidays. It starts with the journey…whether it takes an hour or ten is irrelevant. There is preparation and planning and packing, and the hurried finishing of tasks that must be completed before you can leave. Then, of course, there’s the traffic and the weather that, while annoying, seem to matter less because you are looking forward to the destination.

Never mind where you’re headed–the home you grew up in, a place where good friends and family come together, or a new place that you’ve picked out just for yourself for a few short days–you finally arrive.

With all of the preparation behind you, you can finally find the space to take in and appreciate all things–the small and the large. A favorite tree. A warm fireplace. A special view. A glass of wine with your partner. A visit with an old friend. A walk in the woods with your mother. Reminiscing about holidays past with your siblings. Or maybe it’s simply the blissful sound of silence as you turn to the first page of a good book and enjoy a cup of hot tea.

Here at Chester, we’ve welcomed hundreds of guests into our home each year, with the goal of making you feel like it’s yours as well. Wherever you find your home this Thanksgiving, we here at Chester send our very best wishes for a peaceful journey, a grateful heart, and the knowledge that “home” is just as much a state of mind as a place to visit.