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Local Author Holds Book Signing at Chester

Scottsville is home to artists of all kinds–from photographers and painters to musicians and authors. Earlier this month, Chester Bed & Breakfast and The James River Arts Council hosted local author Kathryne Finn as she launched her first novel, And Tomorrow is a Hawk, the first in a trilogy about Dame Juliana Berners.

Kathryne’s interest in Dame Juliana was piqued when she edited Ernest Schweibert’s two volume classic Trout and learned about this English noblewoman, whom trout fishermen everywhere know and respect. Dame Juliana was the first person to write about fly fishing, as well as the first woman to publish under her name in the English language.  In addition to the treatise on fly fishing, this 15th century author wrote on hawking, hunting and heraldry. 

However, little was known about Dame Juliana and Kathryne set out to learn more. This first book of the trilogy is the result of her exploration of the life and times of this amazing fifteenth century woman.

Kathryne has written and published poetry and short stories and was an editor for Crown, McMilan and St. Martins presses. This is her first novel She and her husband John live with a relatively rational contingent of dogs in Howardsville, Virginia.

We are particularly fond of Kathryne here at Chester, as she and her husband lived in the cottage on the grounds for several months while their home was being completed. Her passion for history, creativity, and finding delight in ordinary things certainly rubbed off on all of us. Having read the book for ourselves, we find ourselves incredibly impressed by her writing as well, and are busy cheering her on as book two comes to fruition! To learn more about the book, visit here.

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