Chester Inn

Two respites…one heart

Spring at Chester Bed and Breakfast in CharlottesvilleEveryone has a respite: a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant. For some, it’s a good book. For others, it’s a walk or a run. Over the last 25 years, we at Chester feel blessed to have been a respite for many visitors–lots of whom have become good friends over the years. We’ve had visitors from all around the world–from Texas, Florida, and Georgia to the UK, Mexico, California, and even Anguilla.

Today, our hearts are heavy as we think about all of those affected by the recent natural disasters–be it fire, earthquake, or hurricane–it seems that everyone is hurting in some way. Our thoughts are particularly with our beloved Anguilla, where we head for OUR respite each winter. As innkeepers, we need a place where we can go to recharge for the coming year. The beautiful island and its amazing people have been devastated by Hurricane Irma, and we are helpless to do anything at the moment.

So we continue with what we do here at Chester: serve as a respite for those who need it. We are lucky enough to have the beauty and peace of two respites in our lives. Please give us a call or email us if you need to get away from the chaos of life for a few days…our doors are open, we have rooms available, and a walk on our arboretum grounds is always good for the soul.

Sending love and good thoughts to all.