Chester Inn

Wedding at Chester Bed & Breakfast

Chester Bed and Breakfast was delighted to host a small wedding last weekend! The wedding ceremony was for family only, including the bride, groom, and 4 daughters and took place under the old oak tree. The couple combined colored sand to signify the blending of two families, and all six members of the bridal party participated. After the ceremony, the party enjoyed a luncheon on the back porch of our picturesque Virginia Bed and Breakfast – there were toasts with sparkling cider, a gorgeous chicken salad plate, and wedding cake from the Albemarle Baking Company.

We have also had the pleasure of enjoying a “herd” of deer that have decided to “stay” at our Scottsville Bed & Breakfast recently – one small buck (with attitude) and two does, each with twin fawns that are just losing their spots.  It is exciting to watch them all cavort on the lawn like big dogs!

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